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An incisive, inclusive audit by an experienced third party helps an organization get an objective view of the situation, and an assessment of its own adherence to, and variation from, the prevalent standards.

B-Intelligence’s meticulous Marketing Audits help clients judge the quality of their Market Hygiene Practices, evaluate and improve their Channel Management Practices, and augment their Customer Experience.

B-Intelligence’s trained mystery shoppers carry out their market reconnoitre assignments discretely and diligently, and gather information. Direct Customer Surveys add realistic and evidence-based insights to this.

Sales Audits carried out by B-Intelligence throw light on the quality of the Sales Process, and the adequacy and quality of the Sales Team’s efforts. One could also opt for a scientific Competency Mapping of the Sales Teams.

Thoughtfully designed Sales MIS help the management take timely decisions and actions to respond to emerging situations and unexpected turns of events.

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